Insect Screen with Clear View Mesh


Clear View Insect Screen Mesh fromElegantSreens

Clear View Insect Screen Mesh fromElegantSreens


As compare to the Standard Fiberglass mesh, Clear View Screen Mesh allows up to 50% more natural light and dramatically improves airflow versus standard screening.

Because the fiberglass strand is a finer gauge, the average weight of the mesh is approximately 30% lower than industry standard. Color, flame resistance, mesh tolerances, vinyl coating, and strand bonding remain the same.

One the best benefits Clear View Mesh is that it is practically undetectable from the exterior which enhances the curb appeal of your home or office.

Clear View Mesh is only available in Black because this color absorbs more of the light spectrum. This means the screen reflects less light, creating lower glare and making the product less visible to the naked eye.

Clear view mesh from Elegantscreens

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