Large opening Insect screen door


Large opening Insect screen door

Elegantscreen features product : The Monarch Entry pleated insect screen door, suitable for large and wide opening. You can fix it with double way opening or multi way opening for more convenience entrance or exit. For more information please contact Elegant Home Decor Sdn Bhd. Malaysia Tel :603-91723126 Email: Webpage:


Elegant Home Decor Sdn Bhd最近推出全新时尚,美观的新款平开防蚊纱门。



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Introducing the new reformation of Hinged Door mosquito screen

Hinged Door Screen, invented by Elegant Screen has taken on an entirely new reformation by introducing a brand new fashion look.

The Hinged Door Screen with its thick aluminium alloy profile is an extremely sturdy design. The door screen frame will match perfectly with the original house door and window colour with epoxy spray coating making it more attractive and durable.

Elegant Hinged doors with trackless features are designed for all bedroom or entrance doors. You have the option of selecting normal fibreglass mesh for mosquito or insect free purpose or you can choose to have pet’s mesh which is 7 times stronger than the normal fibreglass mesh and able to withstand your pet’s scratching. You can also choose to install it with 304 stainless steel mesh for a more Elegant look!

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